Sunday, 25 September 2016

An evening making lipsticks with MDMFLOW

mdmflow lipstick event flat lay

 Have you ever met someone and immediately thought to yourself 'I wish this girl was my best friend'. Well that's exactly how I felt when I met Florence Adepoju, the brains behind the beauty brand MDMFlow.

I arrived at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar after a little wander around Liverpool where I also happened to stumble across Niomi Smart promoting her new book in Waterstones. I have never been in the Beauty Bazaar before. But oh my gosh, this place is enchanting and a little bit overwhelming. I'm not the best girly-girl and I suck at applying make-up but even I found this store heavenly.

mdmflow lipstick range event

The evening kicked off with prosecco and balloons, in true blogger style.

After spending a little too long snapping photographs, we all eventually put the cameras down and paid attention whilst Flo and Liberty took us on a whirlwind adventure of science.

When I was at school, I was never really keen on science. Sure, it was interesting but I was convinced the only career paths it led to were to be a Scientist, work in Medicine or be a Teacher. Since I didn't want to be any of the above, I left it behind when I moved on to further studies. Now let me tell you, I couldn't have been more wrong. I wish someone had told me that carrying on with science would mean that I could do cool shit like become a CSI or even cooler than that: be a bad-ass girl with my own lipstick range.

That's exactly what Flo is. A bad-ass girl with her own lipstick range.

Florence Adepoju MDMFlow lipstick brand event

While studying Cosmetic Science, Flo also spent a lot of time working on beauty counters. It was during this time that she noticed a gap in the cosmetics market. There was a total lack of bright, bold colours on offer. Flo realised that she could fill that niche and bring a spot of colour to the world of every day beauty. Thus, MDMFlow was humbly born in her shed.

Flo set out to create her own range of highly-pigmented, bright lipsticks suited for black women. With that said, her lipsticks are just as amazing on light skin tones. She has perfected her lipstick formulas so that anybody can pick up a shade and totally pull it off as it adapts to their own skin tone. Flo wanted to create a brand that was full of expression, reflected her own bold personality and broke the classic stereotypes of beauty.

Mas Marina MDMFlow lipstick event

The beauty industry is so heavily focused on the classy Marilyn Monroe look, which is undeniably beautiful, but it just isn't for everyone. MDMflow breaks down those traditional barriers and allows women to express themselves with bold lipsticks. Her lipsticks still hint towards the classic beauty with a rose oil scent,the truest scent of nostalgia. But they are brave colours such as the amazing blue Mas Marina. The MDMFlow lipsticks are super nourishing and so much care has been put into the creation of these lipsticks to ensure they are highly pigmented and give off the best results. Oh and major bonus points for being cruelty free too!

MDMFlow is inspired by 90's hip-hop power women like Lil Kim, Kelis and Gwen Stefani. The signature gold bullet packaging creates a strong brand image. Whilst many of the shades are also named after hip-hop tunes. There's no denying that Flo is making her mark in the beauty industry whilst sticking to her roots. The brand is one of power and one that so many women can identify with...even if they aren't a fan of hip-hop themselves!

Flo and Liberty walked us through the magical, scientific process of lipstick making. The whole process was all kinds of science-y involving beakers, precise measurements and lab coats. We got to choose our own unique shades to make. Deciding on which colours to go for was almost as difficult as naming them! After much deliberation, I'd like to introduce you to the minimal nude Snog a Blogger and the sassy, sparkly Unicorn Barbie. Let's ignore my scruffy nail varnish and just focus on the gorgeous MDMFlow stamp on these gorgeous lipsticks, okay.

MDMFlow blog event unique lipsticks event
MDMFlow lipstick event unique

I had an amazing evening making lipsticks with Florence, Liberty and all the blogging girls. Plus, now I have two new amazing lipsticks to add to my tiny collection. I can't wait to brave pink lips this autumn. MDMFlow also have an amazing line of matte liquid lipsticks, which I'm dying to get my hands on. Roll on pay day so I can put in a little order!

MDMFlow Lipstick event balloon fwis

Friday, 16 September 2016

Country hotel stay at Ox Pasture Hall

Room view fields gardens country house
country house gardens candid

I'm just a 9-5er wanting to make the most of my 5-9. I don't want my life to be stream of days that blur into one. I want my life to be filled with fun little twists of adventure. And what a better way to start than by gently easing in with a little one night trip to a country hotel in Scarborough.

When I was invited for a stay at Ox Pasture Hall in Scarborough, I was super excited for a chilled weekend away at a country hotel. I'm quite the busy-body who rarely allows herself time to switch off, kick back and relax. This boutique hotel looked like the perfect spot for some much needed relaxation.

Waking up on a rainy September morning, I was feeling extra autumnal as my Mother and I embarked on our road trip to Scarborough. Plus, we only had one little road-rage invoked argument so that's quite the achievement. Pulling up towards the hotel, we were both feeling extremely giddy. The drizzly autumnal weather made the perfect backdrop for a country house nestled away in fields of green.

dew flowers country house garden
country house gardens flowers

We grabbed our bags and made our way into the hotel. The service was wow, amazing. You seriously cannot fault it. As we arrived, the lovely gent who checked us in carried our bags (side note: he basically had to wrestle my bag off me because I feel sooo bad when other people carry my things for me!!) as he walked us through to our room, pointing out the bistro, restaurant and courtyards as we went by.

ox pasture hall twin sinks hotel bathroom
country house gardens view room


The room had the most beautiful view. If I woke up to that view every day, I swear I'd be the most zen person alive. From our sitting room, we had views of the lovely gardens and lake surrounded by fields of green whilst the bedroom overlooked the courtyard. Peering down at the courtyard, I felt like I had been teleported to a chic European village.

The room was filled with all the amenities you could need for a relaxing weekend. I'm talking tea and coffee, biscuits, magazines, bathroom toiletries and television in the sitting room and the bedroom. In the evening we did get a little bit chilly whilst waiting for the heating to kick in. After politely asking at the service desk for some blankets, the hotel were more than happy to help us out and brought some cozy pink blankets up to keep us toasty and snug!

The best part of the room (after the beautiful views of course) was the bathroom. Hello twin sinks, waterfall taps and a huge walk-in shower!

ox pasture hall evening a la carte meal
ox pasture hall chocolate trio dessert


After spending our evening escaping the rain and staying cozy in our room, we got dolled up and headed downstairs for our meal.

We were treated to the à la carte menu and a surprise bottle of prosecco to wash it down with. You may be aware that I don't actually drink alcohol...but recently I've been toying with the idea of having a drink so hey, no time like the present! Let's just say after 1 glass of prosecco and a little bit of whiskey, I was feeling giggly. Looks like I'll be a cheap drunk if I ever decide to start drinking on nights out!

The meal was divine. I chose the white onion risotto for starter followed by the 2 bone rack of lamb and a trio of chocolate dessert. Prior to our meal, we were treated to walnut and sultana bread followed by complimentary mushroom amuse-bouche. After filling up on our main courses, we were yet again surprised with another unexpected course. The waiter brought out a pre-dessert of mango and passion fruit sorbet with whiskey foam. I swear, it was the fanciest meal I have ever eaten - a gastronomical delight. The presentation just could not be faulted either. 11/10 for a meal cooked, presented and served to perfected.

ox pasture hall roses country hotel stayox pasture hall garden pond


On day two, we were greeted with another misty day of rain. Wrapped up warm in my parka, I didn't mind. Before we headed out on our adventures, we fueled up on breakfast. Whilst my Mum kept things traditional opting for an english breakfast, I went for the Yorkshire toast, which is essentially French Toast, with sweetened marscapone and mixed berries. There was also an array of cereals, fruits, yoghurts, croissants and fresh juice to help yourself to.

Tummies happily filled, we headed out to explore the grounds. Flowers and sweet nooks and crannies at every turn, the Ox Pasture Hall gardens are so lovely. I can see why so many choose this place as their wedding spot and I have to admit, I loved noseying through people's wedding albums!

There is so much to do nearby Scarborough from walking through the Yorkshire Moors to an almost never-ending list of country pursuits. With the rain clouds looming over us, we decided to stick locally and continue our adventures by exploring Scarborough.

peasholm park boats lake
peasholm lake boats scarborough

Peasholm park was at the top of our list. A Japenese-styled park, it was like stepping into a whole new place. Japenese inspired architecture adorned the park while tame squirrels ran free. I don't know if Pokemon Go is still a thing (it probably isn't) but I even caught a Squirtle whilst in the park, just saying.

After wandering around the park, we strolled along to the seafront. We stuck to the calm south bay beach. The beach huts are bright and beautiful. One day I would love to hire a beach hut for a cute barbeque beach day. Scarborough is like a home away from home, with it's old school seafront amusements, fairground rides and beach huts. It brought back all the feels of heading to the amusements as a kid to play tourist for a day.

scarborough south bay beach
scarborough south bay beach huts

I wish I knew you could do water sports because I totally would have packed my bikini! Next time I'm over in Scarborough, I'll definitely be testing out my non-existent surfing skills on the water!

If only the sun had come out to join us for our weekend in Scarborough! I would have 100% explored the Scarborough castle. Instead, I admired it from afar. There's something about old ruins that just wows me, thinking of all the life that once lived there a long, long time ago. There's just so much history running through the core of the medieval castle that stands royally atop a hill on the coastline.


Happy with a weekend of relaxing and exploring in the country (and seaside!), we headed home. Although I had one of the loveliest weekends away in a while, I was really looking forward to getting home and seeing my dogs (definitely not a crazy dog lady). It's good to know that if I ever want a weekend getaway with the dogs, Ox Pasture Hall is a dog friendly hotel. I'll definitely be keeping in on the cards for a potential return trip with the poochies for a sunny weekend away.

*This post is created in collaboration with Ox Pasture Hall Hotel who kindly gifted me a complimentary one night hotel stay. However, all words, photos and opinions remain that of my own. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message :)

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Girl Gang Event - #GGEvent

Blog events are pretty damn cool and last month I had the pleasure of attending 3 blog events in the space of 5 days. I'm not a city girl, which means sometimes I miss out on all the ~blogger fun~ like events and stuff. So getting to cram 3 amazing events into one week put a huge smile on my face! You can read all about the #LivHelps event here or the #SquadGoals event here. This post, however, is reserved for the fabulous Jemma at Dorkface and her first ever blog event - #GGEvent.

If you're wondering what the #GGevent is, then 1) where the hell have you been? and 2) the GG stands for Girl Gang, as Jemma is the founder of the wonderfully cute Girl Gang community. The little lady works super hard to create a fun, friendly blogging community. Basically, the simple rule of The Girl Gang community it to just be nice and don't be a dick.

Anyway, back to the #GGEvent. After being in Liverpool quite a lot the last couple of months, it was a breath of fresh air to head to Manchester for this event. Mainly because I easily get lost and confused in Liverpool! The Girl Gang Event was hosted at Dive Bar in the Northern Quarter - my favourite little corner of Manchester. Seriously, I adore the laidback, artsy vibe of the NQ and not to mention, the food...all of the amazing food places!

One other thing I love about the Northern Quarter is that I'm always stumbling across new haunts. Dive ticked all the industrial aesthetic boxes for the NQ. I especially loved that we had our own little private area of the bar.

Apologies for the lack of event photos, this was one of those events where I'm so caught up in the moment that snapping photographs just totally slips my mind!

I must say this all the time but the thing I love most about blog events is that it's an opportunity to meet up with other bloggers. Whether it's meeting them for the very first time or seeing them for the first time in a year. In some cases it was simply catching up again since the last weekend or even just the evening before. There's always sooo much to catch up on, laugh at and many stories and tips to share!

The event flew by and all the minor details seem to have blurred into one great big memory of a fun afternoon. There was pinkster gin, cute cupcakes(made by the amazing Carrie), even cuter bloggers, sweet potato fries, a charity raffle and goody bags filled with treats.

A massive thanks to Jemma for pulling off such a great little first event and thanks to all the brands who jumped on board and got involved too! I can't wait to try some of the goody bag treats, including the coconut balmi lip balm, GOSH nail polish, the oddly named ugly water, crown brush, jurlique rose water and Soap and Glory mother pucker lipstick (to name a few!).

Now, I really can't wait for the second Girl Gang Event!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Supercuts Pamper Evening with the Squad

bedhead tigi set salon
Supercuts blog event squadgoals

When I was 19 years old, bar lock-ins were one of my favourite things. Now that I'm 23 going-on 93 a hair salon lock-in is more my kind of thing. Luckily for me, Supercuts invited myself and 6 fabulous Liverpool girls along to their St Johns Shopping Centre salon for a lock-in pamper evening.

Let's just say, when I found out who else was coming along for the evening I squealed with joy. Talk about #squadgoals. The girls are all absolute babes and I strongly suggest you check allll of them out:
Sarah, Sammy, Kayleigh, Hannah, Sam and Liv.

supercuts salon shellac gel nails

At the Supercuts salon we had an evening filled with curls, bubbles, giggles and nibbles. I had such a lovely time it was shame it went by so fast! We enjoyed a variety of treatments including hair styling (and a sassy hair cut in Sam's case!), shellac nails, and brow-threading! I took a step back as some of the other girls stepped in to get pampered first. I loved strolling around having a sneak peek at their new styles and chatting to the lovely ladies at the salon.

I confessed my annoyance at my hair's inability to stay curly and was offered a few top tips that I'll definitely be experimenting with in the future. Fingers crossed it goes to plan and I can do more than the standard messy bun or lame straight locks!

supercuts salon curls

I never knew it was possible to curl your hair in sooo many ways. It was seriously a night of hair-spiration. Hannah's waterfall braid had to be my all-time favourite. When it came to curls they'd mastered everything. From Kayleigh's bouncy blow-style voluminous curls to Sarah's to-die-for princess curls.

I opted for loose curls that made the colours in my hair pop, giving me the unicorn mermaid hair I ever so desire.

Supercuts salon mermaid curls

I had the sweetest evening with the girls (Can I get a #SquadGoals?!) and honestly, it's always a matter of laughing and smiling until my cheeks ache whenever the blogging girls are about. If you want to be in the chance of winning a VIP photoshoot worth £5,000 for yourself and your besties then you're in luck! Supercuts are currently hosting a competition to win a VIP shoot at the Tigi Bed Head studios in London! To enter simply post your group selfie to SupercutsUK on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, making sure to use #SquadGoals. Be quick though, the competition ends on the 30th September!

After an evening of being pampered, it was back home to my friend's place for a quiet night catching up on GBBO with tea and cake.

Sadly by the time I had got to my friends house my curls were already a thing of the past. So if anyone else has any miraculous tips for keeping curls in stubborn hair puh-leaaase throw those tips my way!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Five days in Las Vegas | Travel

flamingo hotel casino las vegas skyline
sprinkles cupcake atm cake las vegas

Moving on from LA with a heavy heart, it was time to explore Las Vegas! We had 5 days to kill and wanted to make it as jam-packed as possible. I'll admit that Vegas isn't really my kind of place. Having said that, you're never short of something to do and will always find a way to have fun in Sin City!

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Now, I've never been to NYC, but I'm pretty sure Vegas could steal that title. The strip was constantly bustling, with so much to do and see with every step you take.

On our first night in Las Vegas, we met up with a friend who was in Vegas for a Poker tournament with her fiance. Us girls decided to walk along the strip, popping in and out of the hotels along the way to keep cool. Normally, I'm a girl with a hatred for air con but in Vegas' 42 degree dry heat, I was definitely thankful for it! If you're a lover of shopping then you'll adore the hotels in Vegas. We also spent a day at the Outlet mall, where I treated myself to some Kate Spade goodies. But you can read all about my USA shopping in this post later.

heart attack grill neon sign fremont st las vegas

If you're heading to Las Vegas, make sure you head to Fremont Street for a night! We actually spent two nights in Fremont Street. It's a neon-light haven, seriously! There's even a light show on the ceiling of the Fremont Street corridor, complete with classic hits such as Bon Jovi and The Who. There's live entertainment every night. We had the pleasure of hearing the background noise of an 80s and metal cover band one night and another night our Fremont Street Experience was set to the sound of a DJ. There's always a huge array of entertainment with a mix of music to (hopefully!) suit everyone.

I 10000% recommend heading to the Heart Attack Grill for food. Whilst it has some questionable marketing, the delicious food and hilarious entertainment definitely makes up for it. If you don't know about Heart Attack Grill, let me just quickly get you up to speed. It's a burger joint famous for outrageously allowing anyone who weighs over 350-pounds to eat for free! The restaurant has a medical theme running throughout and a simplistic burger-filled menu. During your fine dining at Heart Attack Grill, you'll be expected to wear a medical gown at all times. Spirits will be served in pill bottles and wine comes by the IV bag. You can stack your burger up high and order the Octuple Bypass burger (that's a burger with 8 beef patties on it with all the dressings, chilli and 40 slices of bacon)! Oh and if you don't finish your meal, expect to get a public-spanking! It's an entertaining place, that's for sure. The burgers are also delicious. We all agreed that it was the best burger we ever tasted. Though, our opinions may be bias due to the fear of getting spanked by Lola the midget!

Whilst on the topic of Fremont Street, on our last night in Las Vegas we headed back to Fremont Street to do the 40ft high Zoomline zip wire. It was amazing to get a birds eye view of the street. I actually found that the zip wire went a little bit slow for my liking. But that may have something to do with it being windy and me being under the recommended weight *shrugs*. Either way, the daredevil inside of me wanted it to be higher and faster!

gun garage shooting range las vegas

Seeing as I'm apparently such a thrill seeker, I also spent a day at the shooting range. Our package at the Gun Garage included the M4, MP5 and Uzi for $90. Shooting guns was kind of fun but we also had to wait over 90 minutes because there were a large group of lads in the range before us. Because they kept buying more rounds, the staff were happy to keep making us wait longer and longer for our turn without any explanation. Anyway, it was eventually our turn and we all had so much fun shooting guns. Though, I won't be rushing off to join the army anytime soon. Turns out I have really bad aim. Plus, I'm awful at following directions. Guess who decided to shoot the gun before being told it was safe to do so? That's right, me. It's safe to say that I got shouted at for that. Yeah, shooting guns was fun and it's another cool thing to tick off the bucket list. But, I think I'll stick to water pistols or something until I learn to work on my aim.

sprinkles cupcake atm las vegas

A trip to Las Vegas meant I absolutely had to make a visit to a Cupcake ATM. Like seriously, best invention ever. Sprinkles are well-known for their Cupcake ATMs because honestly, what's more excited than putting your bank card in a hole in the wall and be repaid with cake?

If you're in Vegas then it's an absolute given that you'll end up visiting one of the shows. You'd be insane not to! We watched the Beatles LOVE Cirque du Soleil. It was an incredible, immersive, interactive experience. I don't want to give too much away but it was absolutely amazing. The acrobatic skills were breathtaking. In fact, the entire show left me in awe, as the music got me singing along and the acting had me smiling from ear to ear. For me, Love was also a tiny bit emotional. In May, I sadly lost a friend in a car accident. Sitting on the 2nd row of the Beatles show filled me with memories and promises with an old friend. I know it was an experience he would have absolutely loved.

Parisian Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Las Vegas may not have been my cup of tea but that's not to say it won't be yours. Plus for someone who keeps saying Vegas wasn't my kind of place, there's no denying that I had fun.Maybe I'm just in denial and secretly loved Vegas?! I managed to tick so many things off my bucket list, created amazing memories and laughed a lot. I probably wouldn't jump at the chance to go back to Vegas and there are so many other places in America that I'd like to visit instead. Yet with that said, if there was an event going on in Vegas that tickled my fancy, I'd most certainly be tempted to book a plan ticket out there again!